Your Trusted Source for Plant Species in Florida

At Good Roots Nursery, we provide our customers with beautiful plants for their landscaping and home needs. From the native Autograph Tree for your yard to an ornamental ZZ Plant for your home or office, we have an extensive collection of species that thrive in the South Florida climate.

In addition to our current stock

We offer a wide variety of services such as landscape design and consultation, delivery, and installation. Our garden center is always expanding to include pottery, a large selection of fertilizers and soils, and products for your other gardening needs. Check back often as we continue to expand and grow.

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Our nursery strives to provide high-quality plants to retail and wholesale customers along with knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Don't hesitate to stop in or contact us with questions about any of our offerings!

Our Nursery

Located in Estero, FL, we are quickly becoming the premier nursery and garden center in Southwest Florida. We offer a variety of native trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and wildflowers. Additionally, we stock quality tropical fruit trees and Florida-friendly ornamental species as well as pottery, gardening tools, soil, mulch, compost and other essentials for landscaping at home.