Good Roots Nursery’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plants do you sell?

Our current inventory includes shade trees, flowering trees, palms, fruit trees, wildflowers, hedge plants, grasses, and ornamental shrubs. Our Good Roots team specializes in and stock Florida Native Plants while also including popular Florida-friendly species that will do well in our climate.

Do you have houseplants and succulents available?

We do offer a variety of houseplants in our shop area, we can help you find the "right plant for the right place" in your home. A variety of succulents, cacti, and succulent gardens are now available as well. 

I’m looking for a certain plant and can’t find it. Can you order it for me?

In most cases, we will be able to find and purchase plants through partnering nurseries if it is not currently available at our nursery. The time it takes to receive the plant you are looking for is variable and a deposit will be required prior to us ordering the requested plants.

What are Florida-friendly plants?

The University of Florida created the Florida-friendly Landscaping program. Utilizing Florida-friendly principles means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices.

Why are Florida native plants so important?

Florida native plants are the backbone of our unique ecosystem. They support all the animals in our area, including native birds, wild bees, birds, insects, and other wildlife.

Most of the state has nutrient-poor, sandy soil that our native species have adapted to grow in without the assistance of fertilizer or additional irrigation (if planted in the right environment). Additionally, Florida native plant species support our lucrative tourism, hunting, and fishing industries in the state. 

Do you offer delivery and installation services?

Yes, we offer consultation, delivery, and installation services. Contact a member of our team for delivery pricing and options for installation of our beautiful plant material.

Can you give me plant care advice?

Absolutely! We have an extremely knowledgeable team and we are more than happy to assist you. Call or come in for help!

Do you have special events at Good Roots?

Yes we do! Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages as they have our most updated events and promotions. We offer workshops, participate in local farmers markets, and engage with the community as much as possible!